Gecko village is located on the edge of the river at the foot of Mount Bokor, our location allows you to easily visit Kampot and its surroundings, to discover the pepper plantations, Mount Bokor with its former hotel / casino French colonization, or the natural caves and its temples, the salt marshes, the beaches at Kep and the islands.

In Gecko village, you will enjoy the peaceful bungalows, the salt water swimming pool, the idyllic riverfront on the pontoon, the organic vegetable garden, the fruit trees (mango trees, jackfruit trees, banana trees ...) our  massage area, or riding a bike in the surroundings to discover the daily life of the Khmer in the countryside in the rice fields.

The restaurant at Gecko village offers Khmer local cuisine, but also international dishes. Guests can enjoy our dishes and cocktails in the restaurant, around the pool or on the pontoon while admiring the beautiful sunset.

Some of the products in our menu come directly from the organic garden of Gecko village.




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Gecko village's entrance




Our garden